Steve Kerr is an all-time top-5 coach - Paul Pierce | NBA Countdown

Paul Pierce, Michelle Beadle, Jalen Rose and Chauncey Billups debate whether Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr is a top-five coach in NBA history, with Phil Jackson, Gregg Popovich, Red Auerbach Pat Riley and Larry Brown also in consideration.
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  • He is not top 5. Hell no. He has a great roster. Unless he leads a bad team Anywhere then I’ll Consider it

    David StephensDavid Stephens2 日 前
  • Well Chauncey, you got to see him struggle and he FAILED!! 😂😂

    Son of man!Son of man!3 日 前
  • Kerr is a great coach easily top 5 y’all talking about it’s because he had Steph or Klay and KD. A good coach is able to utilize a player’s ability to the fullest. You see how former good players when they switch teams it seems like their careers start to go downhill and that’s because they face a different coaching then what they are normally used to but Kerr is able to bring in different players just like that and make them have an impact. Take boogie for example people say he won’t fit in the warriors rotation because they play small. But I think Boogie has been playing well with the warriors.

    Uñknøwn NãméUñknøwn Nãmé13 日 前
  • What about jerry Sloan???

    Jesky WardulJesky Wardul21 日 前
  • Are they gonna win another championship with this lineup beeds? Absolutley not. LOL

    Jj BurrowsJj Burrows22 日 前
  • Pierce idiot

  • And now kerr is cursed bcoz of pierce statement

    eyiheyih22 日 前
  • Jalens oick Ohill Jackson twice whawt an donkey

    NeoMicyNeoMicy24 日 前

    Richard Douglas HelmsRichard Douglas Helms25 日 前
  • Did I hear billups say they weren’t going to win with that squad, smh please get him off the show...he gots to go

    D TD T25 日 前
  • Jalen Rose is bonafide hater on today’s league I swear

    Nicholas DavisNicholas Davis25 日 前
  • Im surprise Paul Pierce didnt say hes the best coach ever

    Romnys GonzalezRomnys Gonzalez25 日 前
  • 728y4566

    Duane BarkerDuane Barker26 日 前
  • I feel like this is only a topic because he’s gone to the finals every year he’s been head coach. But it’s for the Warriors so🤷🏻‍♂️

    smasher guysmasher guy26 日 前
  • I would like to see him coach another team personally.

    001lightning1001lightning126 日 前
  • top 5 lol wth . he has a super team.

    Jonh LopezJonh Lopez26 日 前
  • Wow...paul pierce is right... what happened??

    5stelle885stelle8826 日 前
  • Steve Kerr has been successful at everything basketball related.

    Gabriel Angelo SanchezGabriel Angelo Sanchez26 日 前
  • Billups using Doc Rivers as an example for “greatness” is nonsense straight up. How is it that he failed time and again with a loaded LAC squad. How many finals or chips he coach them to? How many times were they up in a series to choke away the lead?? That’s all coaching. Kerr not only gets the most out of his best players, but also out of “non-factors”, journeymen, g-league, and “unheard of’s”. Who would’ve took a chance on McGee and turn him into an Uber efficient player in limited minutes? NO ONE wanted him till they saw how Kerr utilized and maximized his abilities. D. west? Too old. Not in Kerr’s system. Livingston? A coulda shoulda. Not in Kerr’s system. Speights? A journeyman. Not in Kerr’s system. Billups mad salty at Kerr because Mark Jackson was let go for a better coach and fit.

    ripdajacker23ripdajacker2326 日 前
  • Poor Steve Kerr. If Paul Pierce says it, you know its a lie.

    PeterPeter26 日 前
  • What a dumbass. ANYONE could coach a team of 5 all stars.

    Dead PoolDead Pool26 日 前
  • ESPN/ABC work a deal with TNT to have ERNIE, SHAQ, KENNY SMITH AND CHARLES BARKLEY to do Game 6 & 7 of the NBA Finals

    Alan ByrdAlan Byrd26 日 前
  • I totally disagree with Paul top five all time ever!! He’s crazy!!

    Jaime BojadoJaime Bojado26 日 前
  • RED doesn't exist? Riley? How is Kerr top 5? Fake fucking news.

    We Are The 99We Are The 9926 日 前
  • But like Walton went 39-4 with GS. Why isn't he top ten? Kerr walked into an amazing situation. A donkey couldve coached gs to these chips

    Andrew6JamesAndrew6James26 日 前
  • LIES. This is the same coach from that 73-9 season. His lack of coaching had as much effect as Greens suspension. This is the same coach that suggested in order to win KD needed to take 30 shots... even though we see as a team they play better moving the ball. Same guy that neutered Curry and Thompson's games to play ISO with KD. Too many examples of his lack of coaching to call him a great coach. Even the defensive scheme they played against the Trailblazers was the work of an assistant coach. Kerr likely just signed off on it LOL

    18t4motion18t4motion26 日 前
  • Steve Kerr literally has the greatest roster of all time.. He won't get his credit until he coaches a team that isn't the clear favorite.

    Emmanuel MosesEmmanuel Moses26 日 前
  • Look he is top t. I know y'all on the set dont like Paul but be honest. Rememebr Mark had this team yhe year before the won.

    Chris LongChris Long26 日 前
  • Chancy is fucking stupid as hell

    rayingbloodrayingblood26 日 前
  • Think pierce got one right lol

    Benjimayn VaiBenjimayn Vai26 日 前
  • Kerr is trash

    mellany Evangelistamellany Evangelista26 日 前
  • I wonder if Paul practices these hot takes in the mirror to keep a straight face.

    Kelvin McknightKelvin Mcknight26 日 前
  • Have to admit steve kerr do deserve some credit, created a good system that elevated Curry, thompson and Green's game, a different system and this GSW team would not have grown to be this good. Kerr got that team with potiential players and his system got him a super star and stars.

    Peepsi DTPeepsi DT26 日 前
  • Like if you’d take Spoelstra over Kerr

    Mitchell DMitchell D26 日 前
  • no steph no gsw. durant is over hyped

    Abou AirrAbou Airr26 日 前
  • I could coach the damn warriors

    abz..abz..27 日 前
  • Becomes a head coach and has a superteam for 5 seasons HE IS A TOP 5 COACH ALLTIME..let Kerr have been the Grizzlies coach for the last 5 years we wouldn’t be hearing any of this

    TheHomieHiroTheHomieHiro27 日 前
  • Jalen and Chauncey are questioning Kerr’s coaching ability. But you can’t argue with the success.

    Jonathan PoonJonathan Poon27 日 前
  • Chauncey’s argument is shaky. Phil and Pop found success with their hall of fame players

    Jonathan PoonJonathan Poon27 日 前
  • Paul pierce making some sense. I’m in the twilight zone

    Jose AguilarJose Aguilar27 日 前
  • Paul pierce making some sense. I’m in the twilight zone

    Jose AguilarJose Aguilar27 日 前
  • Mark Jackson is why the warriors are where they are now. If Steve Kerr is top 5 then Luke Walton is top 10 🤣

    Dantell LigginsDantell Liggins27 日 前
  • Mark Jackson Team.

    thehunster1thehunster127 日 前
  • Anybody can do a good job if they have four all-stars on their team. I’d like to see Kerr coach a bad team such as New Orleans or Memphis.

    Joe SchmoJoe Schmo27 日 前
  • Kerr could be the greatest!

    j jonesj jones27 日 前
  • OMG shut the fuck up Paul

    Darryl WallaceDarryl Wallace27 日 前
  • Top ten or five rankings are always tough. Here are my top five nba coaches in no particularly order. Red Auerbach, pat riley, Phil Jackson, Gregg popovich and Kc Jones. Steve Kerr is in the top ten all-time. And he could be argued into the top five. This is such a tough ranking

    yetthejetyetthejet27 日 前
  • Bruh Billups straight hates all the time

    hyper thefthyper theft27 日 前
  • People sleep on jerry Sloan. Easily one of the greatest coaches ever

    Bsij 23Bsij 2327 日 前
  • Gtfoh Billups, River had an all star team in Boston and only got 1 title out of it. Give respect to Kerr, he pretty much took the same team Mark Jackson had(he couldn’t take them past 2nd round) and turn them into a champions. Doc Rivers? Smdh

    Jatutu EbadonJatutu Ebadon27 日 前
  • pierce is a fuckin troll, go to bed.

    allpro nbaallpro nba27 日 前
  • Paul Pierce started smoking weed this year and he ain’t stopping 😂

    TDBTDB27 日 前
  • Chauncey stays HATING. Whatta BITCH

    mummysdaughtermummysdaughter27 日 前
  • Not top 5 sorry!!!


    Mike taerteMike taerte27 日 前
  • no KD no cousins, no iguodala, steph broken finger, klay ankle lmao all warriors were death

    Mike taerteMike taerte27 日 前
  • I think you put my ass in as head coach and that team still gets 60 wins the fuck

    Blane RiesBlane Ries27 日 前
  • Hahahahahah get to fuck.. my dogs friends uncles mother in law could coach that team!! , who even lets Paul out of the house?!

    Lips 1878Lips 187827 日 前
  • For those who feel like Steve Kerr didn't do anything, answer this: what did the warriors do and/or accomplish before he got there under Mark Jackson?

    MrGodismypowerMrGodismypower27 日 前
    • @swag lad first of all, he didn't draft nobody. That was the front office's doing. Second of all, the warriors lost in the semis to the Spurs and then lost to the clippers the following year in the first round under Mark Jackson. Third of all, when Kerr got there, he implemented a completely different system that took Steph's, Klay's and Draymond's game to a whole other level.....which made them champs. So yeah, it's safe to say that Kerr did more than what he's given credit for.

      MrGodismypowerMrGodismypower26 日 前
    • @MrGodismypower Jackson built the team drafted the pieces Was unlucky due to injures to the likes of Steph Took them to game seven of the semis with a team that a few years prior were utter trash Wrote up the warriors playbook

      swag ladswag lad26 日 前
    • @swag lad still didn't answer my question

      MrGodismypowerMrGodismypower26 日 前
    • Luke Walton went 24-0 Now tell me exactly how good Kerr is Luke Walton can do that with a worse team Kerr is of course gonna have an insane team

      swag ladswag lad26 日 前
  • Kerr is heading to the hall of fame. No doubt.

    Daz555DazDaz555Daz27 日 前
  • Phill Jackson Gregg poppovich Red Auerbach Pat Riley Larry Brown Coach K

    Ben The personBen The person27 日 前
  • Kerr is top 10 not top 5.

    FhalloweenFhalloween27 日 前
  • Paul finally said something that was somewhat respectable

    insert random name hereinsert random name here27 日 前
  • I agree with everything Paul said I felt I would never do that 😂😂😂

    Aj MartinAj Martin27 日 前
  • Kerr is Top 5

    Charisma313Charisma31327 日 前
  • I can coaxh GSW with all the talents and still wins 60 games! Kerr is overrated!!! Look at luke walton.

  • Steve Kerr came and made Draymond a all star

    Charisma313Charisma31327 日 前
  • Paul is right

    Charisma313Charisma31327 日 前
  • Chauncey I got the dubs winning it all no kd

    Marc YoungMarc Young27 日 前
  • That’s mark Jackson team !!!

    blow9682blow968227 日 前
  • This is ESPNs finest moment, when they start arguing over Beadle about all time coaches and she can’t even get a word out. This segment felt like a TNT segment. They need more of this

    Trojans04Trojans0427 日 前
  • Steve Kerr is the KD of coaching 😆 😆

    Dhk4Dhk427 日 前
  • Michelle looking fine

    A JA J27 日 前
  • His top 5 let put him in Cavs organization let see how great of a coach he his, he got there the Golden state was already build..

    David Vice BanguraDavid Vice Bangura27 日 前
  • Paul Pierce has gone mad.

  • Idk all time coaches are usually coaches who can do it in two different spans example phil jackson greg pop pat riley if steve kerr was able to win a chip or two 5-7 years from now than yes

    Marz_00 •Marz_00 •27 日 前
  • Why do they let Paul Pierce speak? Ever?

    CeeWorldCeeWorld27 日 前
  • Paul Pierce..finally keeping 100% ..Damm Rose Billups pure Jealousy

    S DeenS Deen27 日 前
    • billups and rose are not jealous ya douche they just keep it in check they said top 10 they wont make a list on the spot.

      PeterPanPetePeterPanPete27 日 前
  • Anyone with basketball knowledge can coach 5 all stars, 2 of which will become hall of famers

    Java FlakesJava Flakes27 日 前
    • @Java Flakes Hey, I haven't said anything about top 5 all-time or whatever. I think that's just the media blowing things out of proportion once again. I'm responding to the idea that just anyone can waltz in and win simply because a team has a lot of talent. Kerr, imo, has done more with the same team than Jackson did, although that doesn't mean he is a bad coach. As for Doc, his runs with the CP3 clippers are a bit of an asterisk for me. I'm not even going to talk about Pop and Kerr; Pop is in a different stratosphere, although I'm not sure he would have related as well to the players on GS as Kerr did and does.

      StavrdimStavrdim25 日 前
    • Stavrdim brother, I’m not taking anything away from Kerr, but when the question is one of the greatest coaches off all time, look at the other coaches. Brother Kerr is good but come on, don’t disrespect people like Pop, Jackson, Doc. They’ve shown they great with different lineups, different personalities, teams even.

      Java FlakesJava Flakes26 日 前
    • Is that why Mark Jacksons warriors never went beyond the first round and Draymond Green was coming off the bench? Or that David Blatt got fired in Cleveland with 3 all-stars? Sure, it's easier to win if you do it right, but Kerr created the system that pushed Curry into MVP level and used Draymond to the level we see him today.

      StavrdimStavrdim26 日 前
  • He inherited Mark Jacksons team.... period.

    Daniel BorstDaniel Borst27 日 前
  • The dude got handed a dynasty I don’t want to hear about top five coach ever 😂😂 any decent coach could make five NBA finals with this team and this team also added KD. I’m sorry no way he is a top five coach. Can we see him coach a team with talent similar to everyone else and see how that goes? I’m not saying he’s a bad coach, he is a good coach and is a players coach but my god to say this man is a top five coach ever because he got handed a dynasty is just nonsense man

    Patrick GlaserPatrick Glaser27 日 前
  • I don’t know what the dude on the left name is but he’s not for real. Steve Kerr built this damn team. He developed all of their players except KD but he did recruit KD. How the hell did he not struggle?

    greglaroda242greglaroda24227 日 前
  • It's easy to coach the warriors. I will say this, he's a top 10 coach because thought it's easy to coach the warriors, it's hard to continually win in any sport. Funny thing is, if Kerr takes the Knicks job and Fisher takes the warriors job, this conversation may be different.

    Rimmy ReddyRimmy Reddy27 日 前
    • Rimmy Reddy that’s fair

      Charisma313Charisma31327 日 前
    • @Charisma313 not sure this reply is warrantied. He's a good coach. It's just hard to judge him to others as he hasn't been challenged. But maybe he never will be. May retire when that team gets old.

      Rimmy ReddyRimmy Reddy27 日 前
    • Rimmy Reddy you think it’s easy to coach a team with players that got very high IQ’s ? You call a bs play in the huddle with draymond looking at you or KD lol

      Charisma313Charisma31327 日 前
  • No he ain't no top 5 coach , he was blessed with a gifted team anybody could coach a team like that and win every year

    steve stevenssteve stevens27 日 前
  • When opposing team use defense to leave a non-threat player open to beat them, the offensive team loses their offense. On d oder hand, kerr used that non-threat player left open by the opposing team as a weapon to set the screen for curry and klay because the opposing team then can no longer use the switch defense in that instance since the non-threat player have no one guarding him. Now, that's great coaching.

    romeo aromeo a27 日 前
  • People don’t talk about who Kerr was coached by and learned from. Phill Jackson and Greg Popovich. He’s great because of the men who he learned from.

    madboyreadynow28madboyreadynow2827 日 前
  • Kerr deserves the credit. When he joined in 2015, everybody thought the warriors were a good team that would be a 5th seed that year. His presence and style, with the development of players skyrocketed into the start of a dynasty

    Jordan GonzalezJordan Gonzalez27 日 前
  • I never seen Phil Jackson with out a Jordan or a Kobe

    Kevin GonzalezKevin Gonzalez27 日 前
  • I agree 100% with Chauncey Billups’ POV. I feel the same way. Plus, Mark Jackson built that team.

    spiderpimp33spiderpimp3327 日 前
    • Marc jackson built a team that are like the portland trailblazers now. Steve kerr built a team that changed the game and made steph, klay, and draymond legends.

      don icedon ice27 日 前
  • When you have the two best 3 points shooters in the NBA history is not that hard.

    Patrick BatemanPatrick Bateman27 日 前
  • Paul pierce is still drunk don't disrespect the coaches that came before him . He isn't top 5 naw bro naw

    ChrisChris27 日 前
  • Don’t think Kerr is that great of a coach he was out half of a season and they won more games with a subpar coach Luke Walton let’s be honest a chimp could run this team with having 4 of the top 10 players in the league

    117 Vlog117 Vlog27 日 前
  • Steve Kerr is Jon Gruden, the team was already built for you by someone else's hard work.

    Rodman DrakeRodman Drake27 日 前
  • Chauncey is lame as hell for that nonsense. Doc Rivers got his team to the playoffs and they lost in 6, big whoop.

    HumphkingHumphking27 日 前
  • Paul Pierce is the new meme..

    Phil SmithPhil Smith27 日 前
  • He inherited the greatest team ever. This team doesn’t even need a head coach. Putting him in the top 5, 10, or 50 is insulting to so many coaches over the years

    Kaque BurlingtonKaque Burlington27 日 前
  • I thought paul pierce died?

    Arsalan SyedArsalan Syed27 日 前
  • “Shoot”-Steve Kerr Wow he’s the best all of you diminish his coach cuz he has Curry,Durant,Klay,Boogie,Dra.... nvm

    Trelly JrTrelly Jr27 日 前
    • Kys

      Marco MayorgaMarco Mayorga27 日 前
  • Steve Kerr is flourishing off of a team Mark Jackson built.

    Alpha MaleAlpha Male27 日 前
  • I love me some Steve Kerr. He's Top 10, not 5. Warriors 3-Peat

    Ayveel RobinsonAyveel Robinson27 日 前
Steve Kerr is an all-time top-5 coach - Paul Pierce | NBA Countdown