Cody explains the Triple H reference in his DoN entrance, Jon Moxley, his match with Dustin

Cody Rhodes talks to the media (including Mark Henry) after Double or Nothing in Las Vegas. He explains how he came up with his entrance with the sledgehammer and the throne and how it ties into Triple H, he discusses Jon Moxley's contract, competing with WWE, his match with his brother Dustin, whether AEW's TV show will be rated PG and much more!
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  • What a cool guy Cody seems.

    JaseJase2 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Cody is my favorite in wrestling right now. Great match, great symbolism, love AEW.

    Steve HutchinsonSteve Hutchinson2 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • It's crazy how old Cody is. The entire Runnels family on the male side look easily 10 years older then they actually are.

    Randy BradleyRandy Bradley2 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Wwe are in trouble and I don't care how much money they have, but having said that the guy backing aew is a billionaire too so money ain't a factor.

    Christopher BrandChristopher Brand2 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • I love this real talk post show interviews. They get it man. I'm really liking aew! Count me all in lol.

    Mash 709Mash 7092 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • By itself this is no problem its a goof little luck but I would beg the to keep thing like this to a minimum (which if you listen to that young bucks they don't plan to) or it could turn sour really quick think about it they have the goodwill now but that can turn on a dime one good stretch by wwe and a bad one by aew and instead of the fans saying how cool it I that they are standing up to the establishment it will be why are they teaching so hard to be like wwe ..........oh and PS matt Jackson you are not a billion dollar company you are an upstart with a billionaire backing you the difference between khan an Vince is if aew starts bleeding money khan can cut and run to his other interest while Vince on the other hand will use every dime to make sure the wwe lives because it is his baby and is all he has(xfl not withstanding) so don't get that point confused TNA did and look at them now

    arsenworld 123arsenworld 1232 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Iโ€™m sold on AEW. I just want them to kick WWE out of there complacency. I am a fan of pro wrestling.

    tom myerstom myers2 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • I haven't been excited for wrestling in a long time but this legit has me jacked up !!

    gav stergav ster2 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Aew is 0โฟ000

    Anjali SharmaAnjali Sharma2 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Please donโ€™t be mad when I say this but I hope AEW has inter gender wrestling. It would spice things up.

    tom myerstom myers2 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • If they sign cm punk aswell that will be massive.

    D HadleyD Hadley2 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Premium wrestling AEW

    Jaimar Dela RosaJaimar Dela Rosa2 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Whyโ€™s his face mashed up

    Abdallah GureyAbdallah Gurey2 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Cody is a natural heel, he comes across very smug and phony, which is bad for real life but it good for pro wrestling. P.S., the Triple H reference wasn't very subtle, pretty damn obvious.

    What AboutWhat About2 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰

    Babin RaiBabin Rai2 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Man, I'm so proud of Cody and what they have been able to pull off with AEW!!! Camt wait to see the success of this franchise!!

    E. J.E. J.2 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Mark got old!

    N1ghtmare3ntityN1ghtmare3ntity2 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • He's got to be the most humble wrestler ever

    austen wilsonausten wilson2 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • So happy for you bro Cody!!!!

    Jaimar Dela RosaJaimar Dela Rosa2 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • the blood of his brother is still in his hair!!! O.O

    Saturnz BonezSaturnz Bonez2 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • AEW must blacklist Hogan and Nash. If they sign them that would be asenine.

    LXXMD XCVILXXMD XCVI3 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Pg? Huh people were flipping each other off and one guy was smoking in the middle of the ring

    Great CornholioGreat Cornholio3 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Wrestling is back!

    John RamboJohn Rambo3 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • All In then All Out and after that All the way

    FLEX NinjaFLEX Ninja3 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Aew: โ€œwe donโ€™t wanna be anti wwe and focus on being in competition with them. Weโ€™re doing our own thingโ€ Also aew: โ€œliterally every possible thing is a reference or jab at wweโ€ even the interviewers are asking questions that bash them. Just focus on yourself and being greater

    Michael ZamoraMichael Zamora3 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Love how he does the interview with his brother's blood in his hair lol

    LonelyStoner 209LonelyStoner 2093 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Chubby Ron Swanson in the background.

    Greg BurchGreg Burch3 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • go fill up a football stadium them we can talk

    Matthew.CMatthew.C3 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Cody Rhodes knows who Shao Kahn is. My respect for him just went through the roof.

    Starscream91Starscream913 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • I would love to see Cm punk vs Cody Rhodes at AEW thatโ€™ll be lit

    ItzYaBoiAlexItzYaBoiAlex3 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • When I saw Mark Henry I was like WHAT sensual chocolate in the house

    Hason MorrisHason Morris3 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Where is question of cm punk return? Anyone?

    Shan Sohrab RajputShan Sohrab Rajput3 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • People will talk about this show man, Iโ€™m excited for whatโ€™s next.

    OldPumpkinEyesOldPumpkinEyes3 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Cody is a BOSS for sure. Great comments, great interaction and all around great stuff. Such a breath of fresh air from the canned, corporate comments we get from that other company.

    William NoetlingWilliam Noetling3 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • mark henry said this my interview now

    tj Ridgewaytj Ridgeway3 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • ehhh we will see you guys really think you can even touch wwe you're drunk its the nfl vs high school football

    Matthew.CMatthew.C3 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Si that blood still all over his face? He couldnt have showered before this?

    shawn pfeiffershawn pfeiffer3 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • His do I watch aew?

    wackedout13wackedout133 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • If Hogan shows up in this ever I will stop watching....just saying

    Isla NublarIsla Nublar3 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • I'm really happy for everyone at AEW

    aneva02aneva023 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Worlds strongest man needs to go to AEW.

    Jonathan CisnerosJonathan Cisneros3 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Seeing highlights from this show has brought my interest back. The Dustin and Cody match was the best I'd seen in so many years. Amazing!

    Jon WilsonJon Wilson3 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Listen to Meltzer dick riding - what a cock!

    Ash SultanAsh Sultan3 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Is that mark Henry?

    branden scorpiobranden scorpio3 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
    • branden scorpio yes

      CloisForever29CloisForever293 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • yall know this fake right?

    JeanJean3 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
    • Nice bait

      Marcusdupree777Marcusdupree7773 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • I heard there was some shit going down with cody and hhh, him destroying the throne was pretty funny I'm betting hhh will do something to get him back now lol

    Michael FisherMichael Fisher3 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • NO ONE could interrupt Mark Henry ๐Ÿ˜‚

    Hajal AliHajal Ali3 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Is that Kenny from what culture/cultaholic

    StarCat64StarCat643 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • 161 dislikes from WWE employees

    ReversoulReversoul3 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Thank you Cody!!!!!!!! Thanks for giving us wrestling fans want we wanted for so long!!!!! AEW Letโ€™s Live Forever

    Marlo StanfieldMarlo Stanfield3 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • I am excited for the spectacle of wrestling again. What Cody said, this interview, it made it think of the glory days of wrestling. When it was fun. I have been watching sine 1984 and haven't felt this good about wrestling since the Attitude Era. His approach to diversity in wrestling is spot on. Its not about color, race or nationality. It's about opportunity and giving everyone a chance. He understands wrestling and the fans. He understands the sport of it and not using the business as a PR tool. Kudos to Cody and AEW as a whole.

    AJ MuhammadAJ Muhammad3 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Wwe I'm sorry I've been a life long fan but aew is what the fans need and it time to step aside

    Built NotBoughtBuilt NotBought3 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰

    john smithjohn smith3 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰

    Lamont KingLamont King3 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • I thought he was Mark Henry

    Darryl EllisDarryl Ellis3 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Jericho new entrance music was pretty fire.

    Cory YoungCory Young3 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Someone please get word to cody that he is the savior of wrestling!

    Josh MillerJosh Miller3 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • The Match on Saturday Night was Cody Rhodes vs. Dustin Rhodes That Match was Got Fans Stand up enjoy action. The Show Got me Happy and Excited see The Fans Happy and Chanting AEW and "Holy You Know what That mean" But One Thing What IMPACT WRESTLING Executive doing into The Event. But Get Back to The Show. I Can't Wait See AEW on TNT That When The War Will Begin. Thank You Cody and Team of AEW for Making Pro Wrestling Great Again.

    ECW NetworkECW Network3 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • The problem with marketing to kids is that they grow up. What about your adult fans?? Something WWE seems to have forgotten....

    Mike MirchMike Mirch3 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰

    Rafay 7969Rafay 79693 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • What an amazing interview..Teuly hoping AEW succeeds!

    Richie RidolfiRichie Ridolfi3 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Dude, Cody has his pulse on the entity that is 'pro-wrestling'

    AlphaDrumAlphaDrum3 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Mark Henry is one reporter nobody is gonna push out of the way lol ๐ŸŽค๐Ÿคผโ€โ™‚๏ธ

    Mike MirchMike Mirch3 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Good grief, Cody Rhodes is excellent at the mic, press, and above all he says things that the fans want to hear, see. Meanwhile HHH and especially Mcmahon are out of their game, their time, they have no idea how to satisfy. I can be money that AEW is gonna over take WWE.

    Vinicio ParedesVinicio Paredes3 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • cody rhodes. the nightmare. what an inspirational, genuine & cool dude

    survivor godsurvivor god3 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • "oh i gotta go? you guys want a group photo?" * collective aaawwee *

    James HenkelJames Henkel3 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Who would have thought that Cody Rhodes along with other legendary wrestlers would create a wrestling show that could in the future put WWE out of business or they could lift them up in ratings if both companies so decide to work together like ECW was against WWF.

    Paranormal AktivityParanormal Aktivity3 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Henry reporting!!!

    minibikemafiaminibikemafia3 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Cody: Wanna do a group hug? Only child in the audience: Sure โค๏ธโค๏ธ

    Donovan KempDonovan Kemp3 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Codys promo after his match was the best promo cut in wrestling in a while. Better than anything wwe has written in the last 3 years fuck yea excited for aew

    AaronAaron3 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Post match, you can REALLY see the resemblance to Dusty and Dustin.

    Ezra AlexanderEzra Alexander3 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Cody couldn't carry Hunters jock strap ๐Ÿ˜‚

    Joshua KingJoshua King3 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • It's a good sign that Cody take a shot at triple h not vince, i think he knows triple h is good for what he did in NXT, he don't look for taking out raw and SmackDown, he want to take a shot at triple h because he knows he will fireback at him in NXT unlike vince, thats clever if you ask me, he wants to start fresh with NXT, if he get some noise he will then go for vince which is easy if he took down hunter, vince is out of ammo in my opinion, for 29 years watching WWE I've never seen vince this stubborn and messing up everything in this way before

    Realistc guyRealistc guy3 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Cody & Dustin had a CLASSIC. That was a bloodbath for the ages, and lived up to every expectation!! THAT MATCH IS PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING. If someone asks a wrestling fan what pro wrestling is all about, THAT Would Be The Perfect Match To Show Them!! (as long as they aren't too queasy). ๐Ÿคผโ€โ™‚๏ธโš’

    Mike MirchMike Mirch3 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Chris got some big time guest interviewers for this video lol

    Reggae MortisReggae Mortis3 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • What happened to Cody's face

    heelgillheelgill3 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
    • heelgill blood on his face. Dustin was bleeding a lot in the match. It's all over his face and hair.

      CloisForever29CloisForever293 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Everyone always talks about Dusty. But has anyone mentioned if Dusty didn't die. Cody wouldn't strive to put aew together

    Oz LopezOz Lopez3 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Cody seems like a really cool guy.

    SerialKillerJMSerialKillerJM3 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • As a fan from the premier days of The American Dream Dusty Rhodes, I can honestly say; Dream Come True! His boys have carried his legacy on well!

    Llew KaMiamosLlew KaMiamos3 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • WWE < AEW I've seen lot of horrible PPV this year from WWE. AEW put on a show there was nothing bad at all everything was absolutely phenomenal

    Jim GravesJim Graves3 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Talking about letting them know when something misses... whatever they had planned for this librarian thing, abort mission.

    keepthebeat929keepthebeat9293 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Now you see this is whatโ€™s itโ€™s all about. Hats ๐ŸŽฉ off to you Cody ,and Chris for letting this little fan get questions in This is the best ,and what wrestling is all about. ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป.

    Ruben OrtizRuben Ortiz3 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Why does the camera keep refocusing?

    Phil LPhil L3 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Letting the kid go first, that's awesome. Second, Cody knows Shao Khan so extra points.

    Richard GeerRichard Geer3 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Dean Malenko signed w WWF in Jan 2000 and continued on as a road agent until Apr 2019, so he was w WWE almost 20 yrs. Tho technically, saying โ€œover 10 yrsโ€ is correct

    Mike BarbasMike Barbas3 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Ok Iโ€™m new to watching AEW now is this like the UFC with the PPVโ€™s every weekend or do they have their own shows every week like WWE please answer ๐Ÿ‘

    Bryan McCarryBryan McCarry3 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • I started watching WWE in 2003. Never got a chance to see WCW or the Monday Night Wars, but I feel like AEW is something special and we're truly witnessing history here. After having not followed wrestling regularly since 2009 besides WrestleMania, I'm rooting for the Rhodes family and Tony Khan to challenge WWE and make PRO WRESTLING great again.

    plushdogg124plushdogg1243 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Why the fuck does cody look 60 years old? Lay off the drugs son

    500sls500sls4 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Sign CM Punk

    Terrance WilliamsTerrance Williams4 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Heโ€™s right WWE forgot that itโ€™s not just children that are fans whereโ€™s the blood , the chair shots we miss that

    Mamba 2xMamba 2x4 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Cody gonna be appearing at bingo hall autograph signings when he canโ€™t get back into the big leagues when AEW goes outta business

    Floyds high heelsFloyds high heels4 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Weird all these years later this bad wrestler owns a growing company how odd

    Pulse GenuwhinePulse Genuwhine4 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • now they need a video game and the nightmare for wwe is complete and ready to be deployed

    SpectroSpectro4 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰

    Master SplinterMaster Splinter4 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • YOLO

    Master SplinterMaster Splinter4 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • I love the presentation,the story lines and the overall feel of the show BUT taking shots at WWE is really not necessary. WWE gave Cody his first break to fame, his brother his father all worked and reached heights through WWE. You already have the eye balls and people supporting you, there is no need to make it dirty.

    Prajwal AcharyaPrajwal Acharya4 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰

    Master SplinterMaster Splinter4 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Just aew doing bloody matches alone and wwe staying pg AEW will dethrone wwe at the top

    William TillieWilliam Tillie4 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰

    Master SplinterMaster Splinter4 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • This is the future of wrestling folks. This is where wrestlers will give their blood sweat and tears. WWE is just about getting paychecks.

    MoneyTakerBabyMoneyTakerBaby4 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
Cody explains the Triple H reference in his DoN entrance, Jon Moxley, his match with Dustin